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864 585 7005

Comedy Magic with Audience Participation!

Do you have a party or a fundraiser and just don't know what to do for entertainment? Are you tired of the same old song-and-dance routine from the Broadway Chorus line that you invite every year? Then congratulations, your prayers have been answered! Magical Fun

After Dinner Programs are Dexter's Speciality!

Dexter proudly shares his magical, comedic talents with all who need professional, world-class entertainment. Whether here in Spartanburg, South Carolina or anywhere a private WOW magicjet can land in the United States of America. (Please Note: NOT available in Hawaii or North Dakota)


Invite the Amazing Dexter to your next event. Your guests will leave saying, "WOW" and your donors will be tripping over themselves to write bigger checks for your cause. Call 864 585 7005 or e-mail Magic@DexterCleveland.com to bring The Amazing Dexter and his magical talents to your next event!